Some Things are Meant to be



The decision was made to open The Peace Room™ and our deadline was September 1st 2018. As we discussed different area's of the city we could open in. We came to the conclusion that we wanted it to be in the downtown core because that's where we felt people needed peace the most.

I started my search for a location online but it seemed that nothing was available. Something told me I should go for a walk downtown and look around. I parked my car and started walking towards Sparks street as this was my first choice. 

As soon as I started walking I noticed to my left a beautiful wooden heritage building where people were renovating inside. It was an old Hallmark store. There was a small grey sign in the lefthand corner of the window barely visible for anyone walking by to see that read "For Lease" with a government phone number. 

I was in awe of this space. It was almost identical in design to a place we had looked at in New York city. It was in the perfect area, it had large windows, high ceilings and even the royal purple exterior (which is in many belief systems the colour of healing, intuition, spiritual balance and transformation.) As I stood in front of the location it's almost as if a beam of light was shinning through the windows at me.

I instantly got on on the phone and called my business partners using video to show them the location. I remember Catherine saying "that's the one!" Which I replied "Don't get your hopes up, it looks like it's already leased but I'll call and let you know." So I hung up and called the number on the sign.

This agent picked up and I asked her if it was for lease. To my surprise she answered "yes but not until September 1st".

I told her that was perfect and to send me the information and that I would like to book an appointment to visit the space.

Having leased many retail spaces when I owned Free Form Fitness I figured the rent was going to be too high. I mean street level with large windows on a prime street like Spark street was going to be too expensive. But a few hours later my wife Chelsea called me and said that she had received an email and the rent fell exactly in our budget. I shook my head in amazement. 

So three days later I arrived at the location to meet the agent but as I approached the building it looked different. The sign on the window was gone, the construction was over and there were people working desk jobs in there. I soon realized that the landlord had subleased the space to a company on a short term lease until September 1st. 

I toured the location and it was clear to me that this was to be The Peace Room™. 

But here is where things get even better. Out of curiosity, on my way out I asked the agent how long that sign had been on the window which she responded 3 days. 

Meaning if I would have walked passed a day before I would have missed it. If I would have walked pass 3 days later I would have missed it. 

If that isn't a sign that the Peace Room is meant to be a street over from the Peace tower, I don't know what it. 

Some things are meant to be.

Jean Luc Boissonneault