6 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Meditation


Wondering what all the buzz is all about regarding meditation? Well everyday we are bombarded with things to do. Our mind is always thinking about the things we forgot to do last week and the things we need to do next week. We live in this constant state of past and future never allowing the dust to settle so we can see the right path more clearly.

Once you get into the routine of meditation you will start to notice different changes in your mood and body. Here are some of the changes to can expect:

1. Reduce stress and anxiety

When we stop and take time for the present moment you will notice that there are no threats to your current well-being. It’s not the reality that creates stress but the illusions we create. By sitting with yourself in silence, it’s as if you are clearing the clutter and anxiety in your mind and creating space for inner peace.

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2. Decrease physical pain

We tend to forget that our body and mind are connected. Our muscles are connected to our nervous system and our nervous system to our mind. We also tend to forget that our mind is connected to our external environment. That how we perceive the world directly impacts our bodies. They even have a term for it now called psycho-neuro-immuno-endocrinology a long word to say it’s all connected. When you learn to calm your mind, the body follows and aches and pains tend to vanish.

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3. Improve your relationships

Often in relationships, the things we argue about are silly. What’s often the case is that we take past projections and we throw it onto current relationships. We unconsciously act out the traumas of our past onto others. Meditation helps in bringing awareness to our emotions and where they come from. It allows us to communicate from a place of kindness and compassion.

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4. Improved memory and focus

The practice of meditation is to focus your attention on your breath. Your breath is the anchor that helps you stay grounded. It’s a reference point to regulating your wellbeing. When you start meditating, it can be quite difficult to focus your mind. Your mind wanders from one place to the next. But over time you will notice an endurance build up in your focus. Like a muscle, our mind needs to be worked and overtime it gets stronger. This new found focus can then be applied to daily life bringing you more productivity and abundance.

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5. Boost creativity

Creativity is the ability to connect dots that were previously not connected. The gameboy was created by connecting the nintendo with a calculator. The iphone with a TV and a phone. By expanding our scope of awareness we allow more connections to come to the surface thus improving our creativity.

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6. Better sleep

It’s hard to sleep when your mind is going in a million different directions. Meditation helps calm the mind and that in turn improves your ability to fall asleep.

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