Meditation Study: Less anxiety, better sleep, more inner peace in just 1 month


The Peace Room is a modern meditation studio in the core of downtown Ottawa. It first opened it’s doors to the public in December 2018. The Peace Room was created to make meditation as easy and cozy as possible to stick to.  Offering short classes that provide a multi-sensory experience to help induce meditation in an easy and cozy way.

At the start of the meditation study 77 participants were enrolled, but only 42 of them complied with the criteria of meditating 3 times a week at the Peace Room for a month. From the 42 participants 37 were female and 5 were men. The youngest participants was 27 years old and the oldest participant was 62 years old.

From the 42 who finished the study only 41 filled in the intake and exit questionnaires. The results presented in this document are based on those 41 participants. At the beginning and end of the study, the participants were asked how often they felt or had: a sense of happiness, a peaceful feeling, the ability to focus, endurance, kindness towards others, a positive outlook of life, personal satisfaction, self-confidence, patience, fatigue, pain, stress, anxiety, irritability and trouble sleeping. The answers to these questions were: never, almost never, sometimes, most of the time and always.

Out of all our participants this is the amount of people who reported a change in these categories:

  • Less anxiety 60.9%

  • Better sleep 56.09%

  • Less stressed 53.65%

  • More peaceful 53.65%

  • Less physical pain 51.21%

  • Personal satisfaction 48.78%

  • Less Fatigued 43.9%

  • Less irritable 41.4%

  • More positive outlook on life 39.02%

  • Happier 36.58%

  • More self- confidence 36.58%

  • Better focus 36.58%

  • More patience 24.39%

  • More kindness towards others 9.7%

~ See full PDF study results here.

Jean Luc Boissonneault