Our Classes

Guided meditations . Breathwork . Ecstatic Dance

Our classes pull from many traditions and spiritual practices. They’ve been carefully crafted to help centre your mind, body and spirit.


(E) = This is for Everyone. In these classes you are simply asked to sit down and listen to the guidance of the teacher. They require no effort at all and can be practiced by anyone.

(I/A) = Intermediate/advanced. These classes expand on the conventional way of meditating. They involve some form of effort in either movement, sound or specific breaths. They do not require any level of skill but rather an openness to step outside your comfort zone.

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Movement + Breath (E)

This class combines Posture Alignment Therapy (The Egoscue Method) and Breath work to bring your body into a more natural state of being- one of ease and openness with less pain and stress.  Through specific postural stretches and exercises that are done lying down and sitting as well as breathing techniques you will learn some key tools to incorporate into your daily life and leave feeling refreshed and joyful. If you are looking for a natural tool to heal pain at its root and improve overall health and wellbeing this class is for you.  This class is for all levels and can be done in any type of clothing.


Guided Visualization (E)

Experience one of our many original themed classes such as Grounded Forest, Tropical Tranquility,  Mountain, and many others as you travel in your mind to an awe inspiring place where peace and possibility exist.  Guided Visualization is a powerful and easy to follow meditation tool to help participants gently and easily learn to meditate and access all of its awesome benefits.  This class uses beautiful imagery combined with sound healing, movement, and breath work and is suitable for everyone from beginner to intermediate and advanced.

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SOMA Breathwork (E)

A multisensory meditation experience that can awaken dormant parts of your brain, improve circulation and fitness, promote healing, and help to manifest your intentions and take your meditation practice to the next level.  The main goal of the Soma Breath class is to correct your breathing so that your normal rate of breathing at rest is 3-4 breaths per minute. This can help protect against disease, balance your emotions and help you be more in the flow.  The main goal of Soma Breath is to correct your breathing so that your normal rate of breathing at rest is 3-4 breaths per minute. On average people breathe 10+ breaths per minute. Very sick or highly stressed people breathe over 20+ breaths per minute. This can help protect against disease, balance your emotions and help you be more in the flow.

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Chakra Meditation (I/A)

The term “chakra” means Wheel or Disc in sanskrit and refers to an energy centre in the body where information about one’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing can be accessed and used to create greater awareness and healing for the individual.  During this Chakra Meditation class, you will learn about these energy centres and how to access their power so that you can better activate your body’s self-healing properties and feel lighter in your body, mind, and soul. This class uses movement, chanting, sound healing, and guided meditation to bring greater awareness and healing into the body and mind.

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Tarot + Meditation (E)

Tarot Cards have been used for centuries to bring greater clarity and insight into one's life.  For a long time tarot cards were considered taboo and not accepted in society. The appeal of tarot card readings have grown substantially over the past several decades and most recently have become more widely accepted in mainstream.  During this class participants will gain valuable insight in a particular area of their life where they are seeking answers through the use of tarot cards and meditation as well as the healing vibration of crystal singing bowls.


OSHO Dynamic Meditation (ecstatic dance) (I/A)

You won’t need any coffee after this class. This meditation is different then the typical sitting meditations you will find. It’s purpose is to boost your energy level to a whole new state. It’s fast, intense and a way to break old, ingrained patterns in the bodymind that keep us imprisoned in the past. It lets you experience the freedom, the witnessing, the silence and peace that are hidden behind these.

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Yin Yang Meditation (E)

In this class we take concepts of Tai Chi and Qi Gong to give you a fluid movement meditation for inner balance and harmony.

This class teaches you a series of movements that help cultivate your Chi (energy) with movement, breath and meditation to help bring balance to your life.


Clarity Meditation (E)

This meditation what influenced by zen buddhism. It helps bring clarity to whatever seems fuzzy right now. It brings clarity to any problem or anything wanting to unravel itself from your subconscious mind. Unlike the no-mind meditation, this meditation is meant to look inwards at what matters most. In this class we cut through the clutter by meditating on a series of questions that will help you get into total alignment.

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Good Vibes Meditation (E)

This is an old Tibetan technique which was originally done in the early hours of the morning. It’s a powerful meditation to do in a group which involves humming and mindful circular movement from a sitting position. This meditation brings your mind to focus and with the help of the group allows you to go deep into the bliss that’s beneath the monkey mind.

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Water Meditation and ecstatic dance (E)

This mediation helps you embody the flow of water so you can flow and let go in life. Water is fluid yet strong, yielding yet persistent. It’s a symbol for emotions and the feminine energy of receiving. In this class we combine flowing movement of latihan followed by mindfulness meditation to bring you into total bliss and surrender.

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Breathwork (E)

When we breath with more openness and ease, our body and mind become more relaxed and supple.  Breath work is an important part of any meditation practice whether you are a beginner or have been meditating for years.  During this class, you will learn some key breathing exercises to help make your meditation experience lighter and learn some great tools to incorporate into your daily life. This class includes guided meditation, breath work, and sound healing instruments.  

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Kundalini Meditation (I/A)

Kundalini is a term from ancient India that identifies the arising of an energy and consciousness which has been coiled at the base of the spine since birth, and is the source of the life force (pranic energy, chi , bio-energy) that everybody knows.

There are many ways to practice kundalini meditation and in this class you will learn various forms and tools to help you awaken to your spiritual self and access your potential.  This class includes movement, chanting, and guided meditation as well as breath work and healing sounds.

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Energy Surge Meditation (ecstatic dance) (I/A)

This is an active class meant to break through stagnant morning energy.

It combines shaking, dancing and meditation in a systematic way.

This class will make you feel like you’re floating the rest of your day.

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Soothing Sounds (E)

Sound is an incredible tool for working with the rhythms of the human body. Since ancient civilization, sound has been used for healing, achieving balance, entering more connected states and expressing or invoking emotional energy.

Using coherent frequencies and beautiful tones from an assortment of carefully selected healing instruments, this class takes you on a gentle, guided sonic journey to a place of deep relaxation and calm resonance.

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Silence in the Rain (Vipassana) (I/A)

This class is completely silent apart from the sound of rain and 3 soft bells every 15 minutes. The teacher will discuss 2 meditation styles and the rest is silent. Silence really is the medicine. This is a class is for those looking to challenge themselves.

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Fire Meditation (E)

We’ve lived alongside fire for as long as we’ve been in these human bodies. Fire is healing and has a magical way of putting us in a focused trance.

In this class we sit in the dark staring at fire and humming together the frequency of each Chakra of the body. The vibrations help recalibrate the body back to homeostasis.


Gratitude meditation (E)

“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.” ― Thich Nhat Hanh

Gratitude is a powerful tool to transform one’s outlook on health, relationships, and life.  Spending just a few mins per day focussing on what or who you are grateful for can be enough to shift your perspective for your entire day.  This class combines a simple gratitude practice with the transformative properties of meditation, sound healing, and breath work to bring greater love, joy, and grace into your day.

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OM Meditation (E)

Let’s OM together. As we do this we create a communal focus that quiets the mind. Let the OM bring you into focus until you become the sound. Tap into the connection of the sound and harmony to bring you peace of mind. Leave feeling refreshed. This class is a great intro to the power of meditating in community and is especially helpful for self expression, speaking your truth and increasing personal power.

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Self-Healing + Meditation

You have the power to heal yourself! Learn practical and easy to apply, methods and practices for daily life that you can use to uplift and support yourself in feeling your best and living authentically. This class uses the combination of energy healing, meditation, breath, movement, and sound to help release "issues in your tissues" that are causing a feeling of heaviness so that you can feel lighter in your body, mind, and soul.