Conscious Night Life

The Peace Room is in collaboration with Awaken Ottawa put on by Corey Sheikh.

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November 1st: Ecstatic dance
November 7th: Creative Flow
November 8th: Connect Session
November 15th: Yin Yoga & Sound Healing

Sessions Description:

Activation: An intention of activating mind, body and soul through breath, movement tai chi & sound healing frequencies.

Awareness: An intention of introspection, contemplation & meditation through inquiry meditation and mind expanding discourses.

Awaken: An intention of body, mind and emotional expansion, release and transformation. Using the tools of ecstatic dance, emotional release methods, yoga and rhythmic breathing - guided by flows of ancient and modern sound healing vibes.

Connect: An intention of creating a space for peaceful communication, intimate connection, and authentic connection.

Express: An intention of expression through voice, tone , art and movement. Focused on the array of creative potential each person has to express beyond solely language, tapping into the inner creative force.