Corporate Pricing Information

Option 1: 45min class:

  • In house (at The Peace Room) $499

  • In office/offsite $499 plus $100 for travel within Ottawa total $599

$100 deposit to reserve your spot

Option 2: 90min Instructional learn to meditate & class:

  • In house (at The Peace Room) $599

  • In office/offsite $599 plus $100 for travel within Ottawa total $699

$100 deposit

Option 3: 6 week Mindfulness in the Workplace Program: 

A mindfulness program designed for individuals who want to access new levels of performance and collaboration; innovation and creativity. Creating a leadership culture that helps set your corporation apart; where people want to work there, thrive, and contribute productively.

 Individual Impacts

  • Increased innovation, growth & Development

  • Reduced level of stress

  • Increased harmony & engagement in workplace

  • Increased resilience and focus with tasks & projects

Organizational Impacts

  • Improved levels of employee health and productivity

  • Increased levels of employee happiness

  • Increased levels of emotional intelligence and compassion

Modules: Program Content and Schedule: 

3-day module @ 2 hours per day- 6 hours (each module 2 weeks apart for a total of 6 weeks)

Stress Reduction: Learn effective and accessible tools for caring for your mind and for decreasing stress in the workplace and increasing your level of focus and ease.

Optimal Health and Performance: Reach new levels of performance by becoming aware of your health-based values and learning to prioritize based on what matters most.

Growth Mindset and Innovation: Learn effective tools to up level your mindset to one of greater innovation, creativity, and potential so you can feel good about your contribution and input

Resilience and Adaptability: Build your “Mind Muscle” to one of greater awareness so you can thrive in times of change and triumph over adversity with effective and accessible mindfulness tools.

Community and Culture: Improve workplace relationships and community through compassion-based exercises and insightful personal development tools

Value and Appreciation: Powerful yet gentle self-appreciation tools that increase your ability to see yourself as a valuable contributor to your organization and feel empowered, understood, and confident in your role.   

Delivery: The Peace Room

Training Fee: $600.00 per person

Number of Participants: TBD

Materials Provided: Handouts to accompany each module

Refund Policy for Cancellations: full refund if client cancels 10 days prior to training start date

Rescheduling Procedure: if scheduling conflict arises for either client or trainer, a new mutually agreed upon date will be scheduled

Participant Progress Provided: A mid training program report will be provided demonstrating the effectiveness of training and a gauge on how participants are progressing. Customized metrics for each and a corporate progress report are offered.

Site Visit Consent: Trainer consents to a site visit by a COJG Service Provider during the scheduled training delivery, if an application is submitted and approved for the participants taking the training.