Date: September 21-22
Time: 830am-5pm

Meditation Teacher Training Fall 2019

After 3 SOLD OUT Meditation Teacher Training Workshops, we listened to the feedback from those participants and they wanted a training where they could dive deeper into their personal practice and help others access the benefits of meditation more easily. .

It’s here!  The Peace Room Meditation Teacher Training…

A Meditation Teacher Training for Individuals who wish to deepen their personal meditation practice, learn the exact steps to create and deliver transformational guided meditations to groups, and inspire their community with an easy and accessible approach.  

Has Meditation changed your life and you would like to help others discover the benefits that it can offer in an easy and accessible way?  

Would you like to learn a simple, step by step system to create and deliver your own meditations with confidence and ease to groups of any size?

The Peace Room was created to help raise consciousness worldwide and part of this mission involves offering world-class trainings to those wanting to help spread the love and good vibes along with us.

During this 2 day meditation teacher training program you will learn:

  1. A proven step by step meditation system that is easy to follow and effective at delivering results with your participants

  2. How to create transformational meditations to any group size and demographic, leaving participants feeling uplifted, relaxed, inspired, and peaceful in their minds and bodies

  3. How to gain confidence as a meditation teacher and step into a leadership role in your organization and community

  4. The exact formula we use at The Peace Room for helping our participants enjoy the benefits of meditation in as little as 20 minutes

  5. How to introduce Add Ons like physical touch, aromatherapy, sound healing, and more to enhance the meditation experience for your participants

This training will be delivered over 2 days at The Peace Room Modern Meditation Studio in Ottawa.  


Day 1- Saturday, September 21st

  • Overview of Types of Meditation as a foundation for building upon

  • The individual components to leading a transformational meditation session and how and when to use them (4 Meditation positions, physical touch, aromatherapy, visuals & images, sound healing equipment and music)

  • Hands on practice creating your own meditations using our 5 Step Meditation System

  • Practicing the individual meditation session components with your fellow teachers and getting comfortable with using them 


Day 2- Sunday, September  22nd

  • Practice sessions with fellow teachers to build confidence in working with groups and leading your own meditations

  • Learning how to add in elements to improve the experience for the participant

  • Workshop- Becoming a leader in the meditation industry and helping to raise consciousness in your community and worldwide

Your Teacher

beachclass meditation.jpg

Catherine Hull has been a student of wellness and spirituality since her early years and has witnessed the power of self-healing tools like meditation and energy therapy in her life through overcoming addiction, pain, emotional issues, and low self-worth.  Her own personal journey of learning to heal and love herself has led her to work with others over more than a decade to help raise the level of love and consciousness on the planet.  Catherine approaches health from a wholistic view of body, mind, and soul working together and empowers others to remember that they have the power to heal themselves from within.


Before August 15th - $299 (save $80)

After August 15th- $379

Max 25 participants

Course Manual and Training Videos included.  

After participating in this training, you can walk away feeling confident to help others on their meditation journey and more connected in your own personal practice.  By gaining access to these valuable meditation tools, you can begin the next phase of your journey as a meditation teacher and help in fulfilling a larger purpose of helping to raise consciousness worldwide.