How it all began


Catherine Hull, Chelsea Boissonneault and Jean-Luc Boissonneault have spent more than a decade researching, experimenting and helping people achieve optimal health.

All three of them coming from the health and fitness industry came to the same conclusion:

"Even if we eat healthy and exercise regularly - unless we learn to calm our mind and get back to our inner self, we will never attain optimal health. "

What they found from their real world experience is that most people are slowly killing themselves from worry. They also found that meditation is an all encompassing tool that provides inner peace and balance to life. It allows you to cope better with feelings of anxiety, depression and anger. It improves your focus at work and brings about natural healthy energy. It creates space within your busy mind to better understand yourself, to love yourself and to live a happy and healthy life.

But they also realized that meditation is not easy for most - at least not in the way it's being introduced these days. Meditation is often intertwined with spiritual doctrines scaring people away. People are busy and want something quick and effective that they can realistically stick to.  Apps and other devices may work in the short term but they lack an important component to the big picture - real heart-felt human to human connection.

That's why we developed The Peace Room™ 

The Peace Room was created to make meditation as easy and cozy as possible to stick to. By walking into our green filled atmosphere you will instantly feel refreshed and encouraged to let go of all your worries. We've created short classes providing you with a multi-sensory experience to help induce meditation in the easiest and coziest way possible. There’s no sweating or having to change clothes, simply choose a cozy seat and allow yourself to be teleported to your favourite destination spot. Let us guide you to inner peace. 

Try a class.