Meditation is like a gym in which you develop the powerful mental muscles of calm and insight. But like the gym, you don’t get strong in 1 workout. It takes consistency to have lasting results. With consistency people tell us they start to see big differences in their life within the first 30 days. Those that do 30 days tend to continue on as regular yearly members. Jump in and give it a good commitment.



This can be used for up to 2 classes.



Limited time offer.
Starts the day of your first class
Valid until August 30th, 2019
Must live in Ottawa/Gatineau area.



Unlimited classes

Cancel at any time after a month.

That’s $3.99 a class

  • These offers change regularly and are subject to availability.

  • They are non-refundable.

  • Taxes not included



Cancel at any time after1 year

That’s $2.75 per class at 4x a week

Unlimited classes



Expires 1 year after purchase

Summer promotion

*For the yearly membership, your credit card will be billed monthly. It will continue to be billed until you give 14 days notice to cancel.

  • The Peace Room requires 14 days cancellation notice by email to

  • Yearly membership can be transferred to a friend for $25 transfer fee.

  • Early cancellation of the yearly membership without transfer will include a $49 admin fee plus the difference in payments made from the the yearly price to the 1 month on-going price.

  • Tax not included in listed price.

  • Classes subject to availability. Current availability is open.