Achieving True Forgiveness

2 Hour Workshop


Saying the words “I forgive you” can often be easy to say but much harder to actually achieve and do.  Forgiveness is something that is necessary in order for us to truly heal the past and move onto a brighter future where we can be in a higher vibration of love and therefore attract new and amazing experiences into our lives.  

During this 2 hour interactive workshop you will learn about what it truly means to forgive from an energetic perspective and how hanging onto old heartache and betrayal is actually preventing you from living the life intended for you.  You will leave with greater Clarity around the issues from your past and a deeper compassion for yourself and those you would like to forgive so that you can feel freer and more joyful in your body and life. You will also be guided through a special meditation centered around forgiveness that you can use to heal any relationship moving forward. 

Forgiveness leads to freedom

Forgiveness leads to freedom


This Workshop is hosted by Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor and Self-Care & Empowerment Coach Catherine Hull who is also a co-founder of The Peace Room.  Catherine has helped many people over the past decade find their deeper sense of purpose and joy through teaching easy and effective self-care tools for everyday life.  

Date: Saturday, March 2nd  
Time: 2-4pm
Cost: $55
Early bird (before February 14th): $45

*Limited to the first 50 people to register. Save your spot now.