Teacher Training Workshop

Ottawa - Saturday, March 9th - 2:00pm - 4:00pm



In this workshop you will learn:

~ An easy and effective 5 step meditation system for creating your own meditations and teaching meditation to others.

~ How to ensure that your meditation experience and that of others is effective and transformative.

~ Build your confidence as a teacher/facilitator of group meditation.

~ Valuable self-care tools every meditation teacher should know


Catherine Hull, co-founder of The Peace Room

For over a decade Catherine Hull has been teaching people how to heal themselves. You may have seen her on TV or heard of her on different podcasts. She is certified in several physcial and energy healing modalities. She also is the person behind Happiness on the hill where a new meditation teacher guides people through a meditation every Monday during the summer. Catherine believes that meditation has the power to change the world and is on a mission to spread good vibes. She believes that lasting change must come from from the inside out.

This teacher workshop is another way for Catherine to spread the benefits of meditation even further. Join her.

Great for health service professionals looking to add to their practice.
— Catherine Hull

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  • Location: The Peace Room 183 Sparks

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