Weekend of Workshops

Self Healing Tools for Inner Peace

October 19-20th , 2019

8 workshops - one weekend

All workshops are 90 minutes in length

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All workshops pass: $149 early bird ($199 regular)

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Day 1 - Saturday Oct 19th

How to heal with crystals

with Michael Diorio-Sanon


There are many types of crystals out there. During this workshop you will discover practical applications on how to connect and heal with crystals.


Michael Diorio-Sanon

Michael Diorio-Sanon is a passionate business owner, spiritual facilitator and crystal educator. Born and raised in Laval, Quebec Michael became curious about spirituality and the tools that aid in the process towards inner peace at the age of five after stumbling upon a Tiger’s Eye. As life progressed Michael, began to focus on the material world. Reaching material goals at a young age re-ignited a quest for answers to questions about the deeper meaning of life, subtle energies, plant medicine, essential oils, meditation and especially crystals. Michael now holds the knowledge and understanding of crystals and gemstones after absorbing information and providing consultations for over 3 years at a wellness shop. He has also used crystals practically in the workplace while working for the federal government. More attracted to the practical applications of crystals, Michael shows others how they can connect with crystals to support different areas of growth.

Limited to the first 50 people to register

How to heal with breath

with Crystale Boisvert

11:00am - 12:30pm

Come, and breathe with me...

Together we will explore different rhythms of the breath, that can help us release tension, while relaxing the body and mind. The more we offer ourselves the permission to rest the more our nervous system heal, elevating our state to one of peace and calm. To help increase our focus and relaxation we will utilize the sense of touch by placing our hands on different functions of the body. Where our attention is so goes energy, and with increase awareness of the breath, we help our bodies restore itself to its natural nature, thriving... I am so thrilled to be your guide as we journey inwards, offering our bodies and mind so much self care, thus self love.


Crystale Boisvert

Crystale is a 7th degree Reiki Master, with additional studies in other forms of energy medicine including Tibetan practices and massage, Quantum touch, and Taoist Tantra. She offers private, couple and group energy therapies, emotional intelligence coaching and intuitive guidance. Combining all of her training, experience and expertise Crystale has created a well grounded and interactive new form of energy work called Sacred Touch, which is a combination of energy therapy, breathing techniques, visualization, affirmations, guided meditation, intuitive guidance and emotional intelligence.

Recently she has created a self-love ritual through a tea meditation practice. She has cherry picked from all of the tools she has learnt the last decade, to offer something unique and experiential. This service assists her clients in establishing a daily mindfulness practice, that incorporates awareness of the senses, as well as deepening our attention and harmony of the emotional, mental, and physical bodies. The tea meditation offers practical tools that can help you feel more relaxed, focused, creative and it increases your ability to receive more pleasure and appreciation of your every day experiences. You will learn how graceful it can feel to mindfully observe and contemplate your thoughts while feeling safe and supported exploring your emotions, triggers and past memories that feel ready to be integrated and released

Limited to the first 50 people to register

How to Heal with Sex

With Casey Easton

1pm - 2:30pm

Are you dying to make the kind of love that breaks your heart wide open, pouring love into every space of your being? Are there wounds in your soul begging to be healed? Do these tender bruises cause stagnation in your overall energy levels? In How to Heal with Sex, we’ll explore multiple avenues to transform your everyday sexual energy into nourishing food for your soul, healing the wounds that drain your energy, then how to use the power of Eros to manifest the life you really want. This workshop is clothed and while we will be discussing sexuality, we won’t be practicing it. Thanks for homework!


Casey Easton

Casey Easton is a wild, curious and playful creature who believes love and consciousness are the answers. It is her mission to introduce others to their true potential by shedding layers of shame, guilt, anger and grief. Casey uses a wide-range of tools, including exploration of sexuality and cultivation of Eros, to heal individual, and ultimately collective, suffering. She’s a unreserved, nurturing teacher looking forward to holding space for you to flourish.

Limited to the first 50 people to register

How to Heal with Meditation

with Catherine Hull

3pm - 4:30pm

During this workshop, you will learn energy therapy tools to use for your own healing to help you let go of the “issues in your tissues” that are keeping you in suffering, pain, and confusion and open the chakras (energy centres) so that you are receiving and giving in the world the way you want to be.  

Meditation and Energy Healing represents a wide array of various techniques in our world today, some ancient in tradition and passed on for generations, and some newer as we step into a time of immense healing and transformation in our world and within ourselves. Easy, gentle processes using the hands, the heart, the mind, and the power of the soul creates an experience that both you and those you are helping will leave feeling restored and uplifted by.


Catherine Hull

Co creator of The Peace Room Catherine has been a student of wellness and spirituality since her early years and has witnessed the power of self-healing tools like meditation and energy therapy in her life through overcoming addiction, pain, emotional issues, and low self-worth. Her own personal journey of learning to heal and love herself has led her to work with others over more than a decade to help raise the level of love and consciousness on the planet. Certified in several Energy Healing Modalities and an Instructor of Integrated Energy Therapy and Access Bars as well as Co-Founder of The Peace Room Modern Meditation Studio, Catherine has a diverse knowledge of Energy Healing and Self-Healing practices and brings this into her classes and trainings to empower others to heal themselves and help others on their journey. In 2018, Catherine opened The Healing Hearts School, which offers training, tools, and support so that you can be your best self and activate your inner power to heal your own body, mind, and soul as well as uplift and help others to do the same.

Limited to the first 50 people to register

Day 2 - Sunday, October 20th

How to Heal with Dance  

with Krystel Ouellette

11am -12:30am

There are no steps to learn. No judgment from anyone. This is workshop for people looking for freedom. Ecstatic dance is growing fast and and for good reason. When you allow your body to take the reins and to express what you otherwise may not be able to express through voice - magic happens. Science has shown that we hold trauma in muscle tissue and that by dancing we are able to move some of this trauma out and get back to our vibrant joyful loving presence we really are.


Krystel Ouellette

In this workshop Krystel will take you through different types of dance exercises that will help liberate stagnant energy. After many years of performing different types of dance yoga and meditation Krystel decided to travel to India to learn yoga at the professional Vrinda Scool. There she took her dancing to further expression. The self expression of the body mind and soul that is capable through dance is incredible healing and has become a true passion and philosophy for her. So much so that for a living she teaches children to dance. After traveling to 3 continents she’s learned many useful ways to bring dance to people and is excited to share in this workshop. She feels enormous pleasure to be sharing her knowledge and “joy de vivre” with everyone.

Limited to the first 50 people to register

How to heal with relationships

with Chelsea and Jean-Luc Boissonneault


Relationships - when aware of its role - is the most relentless path to higher consciousness. The problem is that very few people realize that people are actually brought into union to heal. You can meditate for years in a cave but it’s in our relationships that we get triggered and with triggers comes growth. In this workshop we will paint a new picture of the sacredness of being in relationship. You will learn about yourself and why you are attracted to certain types of people. You will also learn the importance of commitment and communication on this healing path.


Chelsea and Jean-Luc Boissonneault

Chelsea and Jean-Luc Boissonneault are co-creators of The Peace Room. They have been partners in life and business for the past 15 years and parents for 7. Their interest in helping couples with their relationship stem from conquering real life obstacles themselves. In that time they’ve studied relationship dynamics, sexuality and worked with some of the most popular counselors in the world. They are students of the international school of temple arts. They believe in Tantra and consider their sacred relationship the ultimate path to enlightenment. A relationship has the word “ship” in it because it’s a journey from one place to the next. It’s not easy to live and work alongside someone for over a decade and be more in love than when you started but if there’s a will, there’s a way.

Limited to the first 50 people to register

How to heal with voice

with Jack Tesoro


All things are made of vibration. In this Workshop we explore the power of intentional toning for healing, clarity of mind & connection in circle. Vocal exercises for connecting body and spirit - exploring the intelligence of our body and using our voice to connect with our various energy centres, organs and environment. We allow the spirit of music to move through us individually and as a group in this fun and dynamic experience of healing through sound.


Jack Tesoro

Jack has been facilitating sound healing and group song for over 4 years now. He has studied with various native American traditions and has been inspired by ancient sound practices across time. Jack carries a very deep reverence for music as well as a refreshing and innocent approach to sound healing, keeping it fun and community oriented

Limited to the first 50 people to register

How to heal with self-love

with Corey Sheikh


"What is more powerful than the love for oneself? Our life is guided by the desire to be the best that we can be and to experience the deepest levels of fulfillment contentment, wellness and growth. What if all of these things came naturally, and that the nature of ourselves IS love, fulfillment, contentment and the rest? For this to become a day to day reality - A learning of the language of self-love and the principles in which bring true fulfillment contentment, wellness and growth will be required. This workshop will cover the full and yet simple spectrum of the principles in which bring a deepened experience of love for one-self and all others. Through a specific series of healing meditation and wisdom filled teachings to detox the body, mind and soul, participants during this workshop will naturally return back to this home of self-love.


Corey Sheikh

Sheikh is a modern spiritual teacher, speaker, healer, writer, meditation & ecstatic dance DJ facilitator. After walking the path of both eastern and western forms of personal development, spirituality and wellness based systems, he arrived a deepened balanced and understanding of what makes humans tick Sheikh has one singular mission. Supporting those who are willing to the realization of eternal peace, limitless creativity, balanced wellness and unconditional love for life & all others. Sheikh is the founder of Awaken Ottawa - A collective of event experiences, focused on bringing people together to awaken mind, body and soul.

Limited to the first 50 people to register

All workshops are 90 minutes in length

Pricing (Early Bird ends October 1st)

Individual workshops:  $29 early bird ($40 regular)

3 workshops pass: $79 early bird (regular $100)

5 workshops pass: $119 early bird (regular $160)

All workshops pass: $149 early bird ($199 regular)

Once you purchased, book your class.
Limited to 50 spots per workshop
No refunds